Azani Resonance Training Tank Top - Green

Rs. 277 Rs. 899
Color: Green


Product Description:

If going sleeveless is the kind of attire you like to carry, then the Azani Resonance Training Tank Top is the perfect top for you. Be it for a regular morning or evening walk around the park, a wee bit of yoga, or some heavy-weight lifting at the gym, the Azani Resonance Training Tank Top is your goto tank top. The specially designed material helps keep you dry and comfortable all day long. The top is specially tailored to offer the most perfect fit that you can possibly ask for.


Features & Benefits:

  • Soft and lightweight fabric which provides maximum comfort.
  • Breathable, sweat wicking fabric to keep you dry.
  • Stretchable material to allow optimum movement of the body.
  • Angled seams to make sure you are comfortable while your arms are pumped up.
  • Premium looks and Azani logo on the back.
  • Dual colour scheme along with reflective design elements.
  • Perfectly tailored tank top to offer the best fit.
  • Anti-odour material to keep the unwanted stench away.
  • Double stranded tailoring on the sides for extra strong support.
  • Available in 2 colour options: Grey Melange and Green.

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