Azani Infinite Half Sleeve T-Shirt - Black

Rs. 262 Rs. 999
Color: Black


Product Description:

The Azani Infinite Half Sleeve T-Shirt has a simple yet sporty design line. These half sleeve t-shirts can be used as per your convenience. The stylish looks make it an everyday apparel and the functionality of the t-shirt allows you to use it for hardcore workouts and sports as well. The Azani Infinite Half-Sleeve T-Shirt is made of a lightweight, moisture absorbent material. It also makes sure that you stay cool and comfortable as it provides ample ventilation. Open up to Infinite possibilities with the Azani Infinite Half Sleeve T-Shirts.


Features & Benefits:

  • Active anti-odour fabric to keep the unwanted workout stench away.
  • Moisture absorbent material to keep you dry and confident.
  • Standard fittings to keep you relaxed.
  • Tiny brand patch on the back to give the iconic Azani touch.
  • Breathable fabric for better ventilation.
  • Polka dotted colour scheme to add to the style factor.
  • Stretchable material for the optimum movement of the body.
  • Available in two colour options - Black and Yellow.

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