Azani Hyper Glide Running Shoe - Black/Grey

Rs. 2,640 Rs. 4,999
Color: Black/Grey

Product Description:

Your first step in the Azani Hyper Glide Running Shoes is like discovering what running was meant to feel like: unrestricted, yet totally in sync with plush softness mile after mile. The Azani Hyper Glide offers a soft, yet highly responsive and flexible ride which is suitable for a variety of distances and speeds. 
It's ideal for runners looking for a natural ride for distances ranging from a few miles to ultra marathon races. Perfect for runners looking for a natural transition with soft and responsiveness cushioning that protects but doesn't interfere with your natural gait. 


Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Low Heel to Toe Drop. Only 5 mm 
  • Ultra Durable Outsole (500+ miles)
  • Stretch Mesh Upper with laser cut holes enhance breathability
  • Compact and Versatile
  • Suitable for Ultra Distances as well as short distance speed work


In general the entire shoe is mid-low from ground, this includes the outsole, the midsole and the upper. The outsole is made from our proprietary highly durable carbon rubber compound. Wear and tear of the outsole is amongst the primary issue and concerns most runners report in traditional running shoes. The Azani Hyper Glides - after testing numerous durability parameters - are designed to withstand the highest levels of wear and tear which should provide runners with mileage in excess of 500 miles. 



The best part of the Hyper Glide midsole is that it strikes the perfect balance between being soft yet very responsive. However, the primary benefit is the low heel to toe drop which falls between 4-5mm. The low heel to toe drop offers runners a natural running style preventing excessive and unnecessary heel striking. Further, the midsole is well padded to offer you a generous amount of cushioning to carry you through your run while still being lightweight. 



The salient feature in the Azani Hyper Glides is the ultra roomy and wide toe box. We specifically designed the toe box keeping in mind the wide forefoot which is prevalent in majority of runners in the Sub Continent. Made with a highly stretchable yet breathable mesh the upper conforms to the shape of your foot and expands in accordance. Specifically, the wide toe box in the front gives your feet ample room and helps with natural toe splay and overall running movement. It provides the runner with plenty of freedom with how you move and how fast you move as well. 



The UK 9 size weights 8oz or roughly 200 grams. These characteristics make it among the lighter distance running shoes in the market. The weight means they are the perfect pair of shoes for ultra long distances and can also be used for shorter quicker runs. 



The shoe is designed for road and track running. The durability and traction of the outsole rubber material keeps the shoe resilient across most terrains. The carbon rubber also provides high levels of traction across wet and slippery surfaces. Can also be used indoors for treadmill workouts. 



"A well cushioned yet responsive neutral running shoe with a wide toe box and low heel to toe drop."

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