Azani Men's Active Solid Ankle Length Socks (Pack of 3) - Combo 2

Rs. 499

Product Description:

A rugged sport requires you to keep your feet comfy and protected, Azani’s Active Men's Pack of 3 Pair Ankle Length Socks provides you with just that. It’s thickly cushioned bottoms and N9 antimicrobial features allow you to play with comfort and provide heel to toe wide support, just perfect to help you make it to the scoreboard!


Features & Benefits:-

- Pack of 3 Socks -
- N9 Antimicrobial Finish that will absorb the sweat and keep your feet stench free.
- Thick cushioning that will help reduce friction and irritation, additionally it will provide all required areas with support.
- The top of the sock is embedded with an elasticated band to hold the sock in place.
- Comfort fitting from heel to toe that will keep your feet at ease, so you can truly live your sport!
- Premium Cotton fabric - Cotton socks to help your feet feel all cozy.
- Designed to support you during all outdoor and indoor activities.
- Socks Lenght: Ankle Length Socks
- Fabric composition: Cotton Half Terry
- Imported