Azani Uni-Tech Knitted Jacket - Lime Yellow/Black

Rs. 1,511 Rs. 3,500
Color: Lime Yellow/Black

Product Description:

The Azani Uni-Tech Knitted Jacket is the new style statement for people who love sports. Are you going for a few laps around the park? Or are you going for an early morning jog? Or are you planning to just smash some weights and burn those calories at the gym? If your answer to any one of the above questions is ‘Yes!’, then the Azani Uni-Tech Knitted Jacket is a must-have apparel. Style and comfort go hand-in-hand with this jacket.


Features & Benefits:

  • Standard tailoring to provide an easy and relaxed feel.
  • Comes with a hood.
  • Easily accessible side pockets.
  • Standard tailoring for a comfortable fit.
  • Stretchable fabric to help you move freely.
  • Drawcords with the hoodie.
  • Sweat-wicking material to keep you dry.
  • Flat and stretchable sleeves for better fittings.
  • 67%Nylon 29%Rayon & 4%Spandex body fabric & Polyester elastane breathable mesh for the hood lining 

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