Azani Performance Cushioned Socks - Black

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Color: Black


Product Description:

It's hard to avoid injuries while playing competitive sport. Chafing, blisters and other foot injuries are prominent due to a lack of adequate foot support or training. Since normal socks are not thick enough to provide adequate support for the feet and ankle, most athletes end up wearing two pairs of socks for more protection and support. However, wearing two pairs of socks is far from ideal. The socks may slide against each other and become slippery. Also, it lowers the agileness of the wearer due to its thickness.

The Azani Cushioned Performance Socks provide the perfect solution! They offer firm support to the ankles and the arches. You can feel incredible coverage and protection while wearing them. Furthermore, in order to reduce the intense impact of exercising, the Azani Cushioned Performance Socks use a special terry cushion which is added to the forefoot and heel sections of the sock. The thickness layer helps to buffer against the impact forces, reducing the risk of sports injuries. You get to perform in style with the Azani Performance Socks that both look and feel amazing. 


The Facts: 

  • Extra Padding For Superior Comfort: Plush terry cushion protects heel and forefoot during intense exercise thus reducing impact forces and the potential for injury 
  • Moisture Wicking & Anti Odor: Anti odor and moisture absorbing bamboo charcoal yarn keeps the feet clean, dry and fresh. 
  • Arch Support: Reinforced arch support helps reduce foot fatigue and increases the wearer's jumping power 
  • Toe Cushion: The cushion on the toe part eases friction and disperses impact forces effectively for enhanced protection to the toes
  • Annular Band: he enforced annular compression zone not only stabilizes the ankle strongly to prevent sprains, but also offers full support to the arch and reduces the impact on the heel to make exercising safer

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