Why Mobility Counts | Greater Summits, Better Movement

The world of fitness constitutes a wide array of terms. It doesn’t matter how devoted we are towards our fitness regime, we tend to get confused with respect to the mentioned terminology – after all, it’s human nature to be prone to errors. Today, we shall take two seemingly similar but vastly different terms into consideration and talk about the same – shedding light on their differences.

Mobility and Flexibility – often people are led to believe that both impart the same essence but such a belief is nothing but far from the truth. It’s crucial that people should know the difference between mobility and flexibility for ignorance encircling the same tends to affect our athleticism and increases the risks of injury. Whether you are a fitness freak or a devoted athlete, you must adhere to the singular mantra that is bound to help you excel: Never Compromise. Hence, you should abide by the very same approach when it comes to misunderstood terminology – and get your facts in order.

Let’s dive into the world of mobility, flexibility, and the differences between the two, in order to gain a better understanding of the same:

Define the Duo

Although related to a certain level, mobility and flexibility are different entities. Let’s define the latter first. Flexibility is best defined as the ability of the muscle to be lengthened. Mobility, on the other hand, can be defined as the ability to control movement through a range of motion. That said, you might question us on the factor that makes the terms in question relatable. Look closely at the definitions of the two, and now ponder over the following: Mobility is dependent on flexibility but flexibility is not necessarily dependent on mobility.

How is Flexibility Important for Mobility?

In order to achieve certain functional and sport-related mobility, it’s utmost necessary that your muscles encompass flexibility. If your ability to move your tissues with respect to the physical quotient out yonder is top-notch, then elongation and contraction of muscles is nothing but a piece of cake to you. The best way to describe flexibility is to compare it with a rubber band. If it stretches, it’s flexible. If it snags – it isn’t. The more it stretches, the more flexible it is bound to be. Since mobility determines movement through a range of motion, a pinch of flexibility is the key ingredient for that.

How is Mobility Important for Better Movement?

You might be flexible enough to be mind-bending but that doesn’t necessarily vouch for apt mobility. True, that you have flexible muscles but that is not sufficient enough. Do you have the utmost control over your muscles? Enough control that can easily define your movement? If you do, then you have great mobility. Apt mobility paves way for efficient movement – something that a vocal quality of athletes one-too-many. Though sports apparel influence mobility, the essentials of it stem from control and control stems from coordination of muscles – while the rest is history. 

Now that we have defined as well as described both mobility and flexibility, it’s crucial that before we conclude, we shed light on a few methods that shall enable one to increase mobility:

  • Self Myo-Fascial techniques: Initially tough enough to incorporate in your schedule, these techniques are effective to the core when it comes to increasing mobility. Lacrosse balls, foam rolling, and other self-massage exercises help you loosen up the tight-spots in your muscles.
  • Mobility Drills: Comprising exercises that focus on improving motion around your joints, such drills enable elongation, contraction, and movement of muscles.
  • Stretching: If your muscles are not flexible enough, that is, if they are stiff, then stretching shall not only act as a good warmup but shall also introduce your muscles to flexibility.
  • Dynamic Warmup: You in your half sleeve t-shirts, devoting five, ten, twenty, or thirty minutes to dynamic warmups in order to incorporate abundant movement that flexes your muscles and ignites aspects of mobility in your body. That says it all, doesn’t it? 

Flexibility is the key to mobility, while the latter is synonymous with efficiency in the world of fitness and sport. Let’s gear up to work on the same, shall we?